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Metis Infiniti

As the times progress, the number of younger generations who grew up with technology are increasing to the point where our dependence to technology is inevitable.
Don’t leave yourself behind.. Now is always the right time to start utilizing the technology around and turn it to enhance your daily activities.

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In a cost driven marketplace the only true differentiation
is the value delivered through customer experience

Metis Infiniti Product

Merupakan Perusahaan jasa layanan dibidang Teknologi dan Sistem

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Who am I ?

PT Metis Infiniti Indonesia is a growing IT company, standing firm competing to be a leading IT company with innovative products and excellence in service. We are a proud INDONESIAN Company.

With rapid growth in our customer database, your decision to choose our services will reflect in your overall business improvement.

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Metis Infiniti Indonesia was established in late 2011 by a group of enterpreneurs, forming up to create a strong online business focusing on Corporate, Travel, and Hospitality Management. Our various experiences from Engineering, Hospitality, Finance and Programming have been blended well to create a dynamic company with creative ideas, careful planning and good execution. We began developing software products in Indonesia for smaller projects and as the time grew, Metis became ready to tackle bigger and more challenging projects aimed to have more users throughout the nation.

Why Choose Metis Infiniti Indonesia ?

For your daily Business System needs, Metis is your perfect choice, and here are why:

Experience: Metis Team consists of experienced members from different background, such as Banking industry, IT, Payment and Finance. The combination of all of our past knowledges makes up for the fact that we are young, but full of experiences.

Innovation: Some of the systems we develop, are often the results of bundling new ideas with our exclusive products, which make them unique and one of a kind. Metis continues to brainstorm and develop more innovative products to go beyond the need of our large population.

Competitiveness: Whilst we understand that great ideas generally come with high price tags, Metis ensures that we keep our products at low prices to be competitive with other players in the industry. Another reason to keep the prices competitive is because Metis targets the majority of population to make us part of their solution. With such volume, we will have to power to keep everything at low cost.

Dedication: All of our clients will enjoy 24-Hour Customer Service for guidance in regards to our products. Metis team works on the basis of excellence in Customer Service, and we make it our top priority to satisfy our clients.

Our Vision is to…

Help people to create convenience at the palm of their hand and make Metis part of their solution.

And we can do the above through Our Missions:

  • Having online platforms as one-stop-solution for users in Indonesia
  • Creating breakthrough products, by making variety of ideas into reality
  • Leading company in online business

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